Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When seeking God-realization becomes the sole purpose of life............

Swami Kriyananda narrates incident from Yogananda's life

When it came for living for God, the Master could be quite austere. Heber Kimball, a tall, dignified young man, visited Mount Washington with the intention of joining the monastery. The Master had put me in charge of the monks, so I mentioned Heber's interest to him.

"Tell him from me," the Master replied, "that if he stays here he can find salvation in this lifetime." This was no mean promise!

I encouraged Heber to remain, therefore. The next day, he said to me, "Please ask the Master what I should do about this problem: My parents are growing old. Is it better that I go back, find a job, and take care of them? Or should I remain here?"

I reported the question to Master, who replied very sternly: "That is for him to decide. We want only those here who are hundred percent for God!"

Did Heber stay? Yes, but he didn't remain very long.
A young woman once addressed a similar question to the Master.  "My mother needs support,"  she said, "Ought I to leave here for her sake, and take a job?"
"Leave at once!" the Master ordered her peremptorily. "Get out! You aren't needed here!"
So dismissive was he that she burst into tears.  "Master" she pleaded "my place is with you.  I don't want to leave!  I will just practice faith in God, that He will attend to her needs."
"That is the right attitude," he replied with a kindly smile.  "When a person gives his life to God, the Lord takes care of every aspect of his life."  The mother came, later on, to Mount Washington, and lived there happily until her death many years later.

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