Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Our Motivation to Practice is but to seek His Grace." - MICHAEL JAMES:

We are actually misusing Bhagavan's grace by thinking unnecessarily of various thoughts. Why we think these thoughts and feel they are important..because we don't have love for Bhagavan that much.
Hence these thoughts get more importance in our mind than Bhagavan. If we had love for Bhagavan, Bhagavan is ready to do anything for us. He is ready even to think for us.

Sadhu Om used to say..'Bhagavan is the best servant you could imagine. If we could surrender to Bhagavan to the dot, He will take care of everything, even your thinking.'
Why we think about all these various thoughts, problems, what I need to do tomorrow, how to fix the problem, how to change myself, when I can be happy, where will I go tomorrow etc etc ... why we think of all these things? Because we don't trust Bhagavan that much.
If we really trust Bhagavan, you leave everything to Him and just abide in Self. So Grace is always there, always present in whatever form we want. If we are wise, we use the Grace, if we are foolish, as we all are, we use it to go outward. The habit of the mind going out is what we need to break the pattern and it is done by practice atma vichara, by surrender and love for Him.
The motivation we have to practice is not anything but to seek the Grace of Bhagavan.We just need to let the Grace do Sadhana for us.
Michael James

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