Monday, August 19, 2013


If you want to say something to your friend or to your partner in the room or to your wife or anyone, use gestures; do not use language. Just be as if deaf and dumb: use gestures, say something through gestures.

Or, if you cannot express through gestures, then use sounds – but do not use words. A deep exultation will happen to you; a deep benediction will come to you.

Use sounds or gestures. Do not use words, because words are the mind. Use sounds like birds and animals do, or gestures.

You will have a new feeling in yourself, you will feel a new being within yourself, because the old pattern of personality will not be functioning. You can do this alone also and it will be worth it. Anytime during the day, sit alone: go near a tree, sit alone near it and start making sounds. Do not use words – just as small babies do, go on uttering any sound, repeating and enjoying it. It is baby talk without any lingual meaning. Just utter any sounds and enjoy the very utterance.

The Supreme Doctrine

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