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Sadhguru on being your True Self, Being Unfamiliar.

Meditator: Sadhguru, you said that if we have a certain seeking within us, we do not necessarily have to come to the ashram. How far does your connection with seekers like us go? And how to make sure that this is our last birth?

Sadhguru: So the question is, “Will you guarantee my liberation?”

Liberation does not require physical proximity; it can be done in so many ways. Physical proximity is for constant guidance to go deeper. This does not mean I am sitting with the ashram residents every day and guiding them to do this or that. Why people live in a certain energy space is, what they cannot get with their minds, they want their epithelial cells to get. Right now, if I ask you what the temperature is, you will open your phone and check. But your epithelial cells know what the temperature is and they are doing what is necessary for that; even just the surface cells may be a little more intelligent than you. The cells that are deeper down know too many things.

People who live in such energy spaces are trying to mature into a situation where they don’t have to be anxious about what will happen, because that is not the way to approach it. Even if the end is assured, don’t you want the journey to be beautiful and miraculous? If you want the journey to be magical, you have to be in a certain space that allows magic – in terms of social structures, energy structures, and people around. Unfortunately, most places were not created for something beyond the logical to happen.
If you do something which is not logical, you will have flashing lights and sirens in front of your house – this is generally the situation in today’s world. But if you go to places like Nepal, Bali, or Kashi, the whole space is geared for the magical. If you walk in Bhaktapur, every two steps, there is a temple; every two steps, there is a deity reminding you of something of the beyond.

Today, people are walking around there like tourists, but there was a time where for every step, there was a mantra; there was a certain kind of worship; there was a certain attitude. In India, inside a temple complex, apart from the main temple, there will be ten other temples. When people go to the main deity – let’s say it is Shiva – they will be one way. Outside, there is Ganapati; they will be in a different way. Their mantra is different; their attitude is different; their emotions are different. When they move on, there is Devi, and for her again, everything is different. It is incredible to see how these simple people come and change from place to place, from god to god. How they approach them is so inbuilt into their systems that it simply happens.

This malleability is needed within a human being. This is the reason why all these things were created – so that you become a completely different person from place to place. When you are able to consciously become a different person within a few minutes, when everything is changing within you for a particular purpose, when you can alter from this to that, from that to this, you become emotionally very stable. When your emotions are stable, you are always looking for the magical, the unfamiliar. Magical means unfamiliar. But now you are only looking for the logical, because the society is structured based on the familiar. If there is anything unfamiliar, they want to shoot it.

In that context, living in a space that supports you is good. But you do not necessarily have to go to a certain place; you can create such a space in your home. You can be a little unreasonable. You can create a situation in your home that is not based on the familiar, where people need not be the way you expect them to be. They can be whichever way, but you go about your way. If anyone in my home – either my parents or later on my wife and my daughter – had expected the familiar, they would have gone bonkers. I could be completely different from moment to moment, from day to day. It is very difficult to live with a person who is wonderful at one moment; next moment, you don’t even know who the hell he is. But if they had tried to restrict the unfamiliar, I wouldn’t have been there – as simple as that. It is simply not possible for me to be just one way.

It is not that intentionally, you are being unreasonable. It is like the weather. It depends on what I am doing within myself on that day. It is not that I ever announce, “Today, I am in silence. Today, I am doing mantra. Today, I am preparing for something. Today, I am working something up within me.” There are days when I am extremely talkative; we talk, we discuss, we do things, we play, we dance, we sing. Next day, you may expect the same thing, but that is not going to happen. Not that I am trying to freak you out. If I am doing something else within myself, I may not utter a word for the next three days. I may not look at you. I may not be interested in you. I may not even recognize your existence. Hats off to my wife who managed all this. Without that support, either I would have walked out, or I should have given up what I was doing, which was simply not possible.

So create a home where the familiar is not the basis of your family. Create a home where people can be the way they want to be and it is not considered wrong. Just try and see. It’s a challenge.
Source Link : Forest Flower August Issue 2013

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