Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sadhguru on significance of Guru Pooja

"This particular guru pooja is known as Shodashupachara. Shodasha means sixteen; sixteen ways of treating a guru. So these sixteen ways of treating a guru is a certain way of making your system an invitation to the divine.

Guru pooja is a way of making your whole system say that. You can make your whole body into such a way that it becomes an invitation to the divine. It’s an energy invitation, not an oral invitation or a written invitation.
Divine cannot say no, has no choice. You make your energy in a certain way that he has to come. So if you learn this, initially you just learn the words and you just learn the method of it. As you give yourself to the process it can become a wonderful way to manifest something in your own house in such a big way. Within yourself and in the spaces where you live you can manifest something so powerful that you have constant company, excellent company, not ordinary company.

So guru pooja can be a wonderful tool. If you give yourself on a daily basis, it will bring a different quality into your life. Just one more tool. Just one more tool to bring that dimension into your life. Emotion is a beautiful thing if it’s pleasant. If it turns unpleasant it is ugly. So if one knows how to keep his emotions pleasant all the time, not just pleasant, intensely sweet all the time, then emotion can become a powerful tool to bring a different dimension.

It’s based on this all the devotion aspect came into life, to make your emotion very sweet and beautiful. So guru pooja is a tool which operates on that level. But it is not just emotion because we don’t do anything without the involvement of the energy. It involves a certain reorientation of the energy using the emotion as a tool which can become an invitation to the divine. You should become an invitation to the divine.” -Sadhguru

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