Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When Buddha agreed to speak.

*** And BUDDHA Agreed To Speak... ***

When Buddha himself became enlightened these two alternatives were before him: whether to become a Buddha or a pratyak Buddha. For seven days he remained quiet: there was every possibility he may have chosen to be a pratyak Buddha. Then the whole humanity would have missed something of tremendous value.

It is said that Brahma came with all his gods from heaven -- it is a beautiful parable. They bowed down at the feet of Buddha and they prayed to him: 'Open your eyes and teach us whatsoever you have found.' But Buddha said, 'What is the point? If I can find, others can also find.' He was leaning towards becoming a pratyak Buddha. His logic was perfect: if I can find, then why not others? 'And,' he said, 'even if I teach, those who want to listen, only they will listen to me. Those who are ready to go, only they will go with me. They can go without me. And those who are not ready to go, they won't listen and they will not go even if I shout from the housetops. So why bother?'

The gods discussed between themselves what to do, how to convince this man. A great opportunity has happened in the universe and if he becomes a pratyak Buddha, then again the message will be lost. Of course, a few people will again find the way, but there is a possibility to make a superhighway. And a footpath can disappear very soon; the trees can overrun it again. It has to be prepared in such a way that for centuries to come people can follow, and the trees and the jungle will not destroy it, will not cover it again. They discussed, they argued amongst themselves, then they found an argument.

They came to Buddha again and they said, 'You have to teach, because we watched, we looked all around the world. Yes, you are right, there are a few people who will immediately follow you. And we know that those are the people, even if you don't say, they will find -- a little later, maybe a few more steps, but they will find; we are certain about it, they are already on their search. So maybe your teaching will bring the goal sooner, but nothing much more is going to happen -- you are right.

'And there are people -- millions we know, we have seen, we have looked into the hearts of humanity -- who will not listen, who are deaf to any person like you. So, talking to them is not of any meaning. But we have seen a few people who are just in between the two, just lurking on the boundary. They will not go if you don't speak. And if you speak they will listen and they will gather courage. So just please, for those few people.'

And Buddha could not argue, he had to concede, and he became a Buddha and dropped the idea of becoming a pratyak Buddha.

Buddha is one who has found his path; not only that -- he created that path in such a way that many more can follow it... who has tremendous compassion for others, for all those struggling human beings who are groping in the dark.


Book - The Discipline Of Transcednece (Volume 1)
Chapter # 9
Chapter Name - The Truth Beyond Magic

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