Thursday, November 20, 2014

Can you stay without this temptation, when you meditate ?

If you observe yourself carefully in periods of prayer or meditation,
you will discover that for a great part,
you are allowing your thought to go to the outer and
are thinking in terms of changing the external.

It really is a tremendous discipline to arrive

at that state of consciousness where you...
never look for the crops [fruitage]...
Our entire attention must be on the fact that

unless there is an activity of the spirit within,
there never will be a crop.


If I can abide in the remembrance of this invisible substance
that is functioning within me, I will be able to wait for my crop,
whether it is a crop of money, or a crop of health,
or a crop of happiness, or a crop of peace.
It will come if I can keep my mind off the crop, off of the without.

~Joel Goldsmith

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