Friday, November 21, 2014

The temptation of seeing people has enemy

Goldsmith Joel : Once you begin to perceive that there is no such thing as an evil man or woman because evil is not a man or a woman but an impersonal temptation or tempter, then, when you witness evil men and women, instead of reacting with condemnation, a smile comes inside of you with a “Father, forgive them their ignorance” - not their evil, their ignorance. They could not be evil if they were not ignorant. Therefore, you do not feel horror at the evils or the evil persons of the world, but a compassion, a “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Such an attitude is a sign of spiritual progress. 

Another sign of spiritual progress is the extent to which you pray for your enemies. The longer you see them as human beings, the longer there will be something to be forgiven or to be prayed over. There is only one way to pray for your enemies, and that is to understand that God is individual being. The more you realize that, the fewer mistakes they can make, and the fewer sins they can commit. But the more you look upon them as human beings who are sinning and whom you in your generosity are going to forgive, the more egotistical you are, and the more you bind them. 

If you have surrendered yourself to God, so that you have no Self but that Self which is God, and know that whatever of good, emanating from you or through you, is of God and whatever of error is just your inability to let God fully function, then you must know that this is the truth about everybody, whether or not he is aware of it.

Goldsmith, Joel S.

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