Monday, November 17, 2014

The whole cosmos is here. - Sadhguru.


Sadhguru : If you want to know for yourself, you must turn inward. Today, people are making serious efforts to know themselves by reading books. I am not against books. If you are reading a book to know about a nation or business or to learn engineering, it is fine. But reading a book to know about yourself is silly.

You are here, alive and kicking!

It is alright if you are reading a book to get inspired to take a step inward, but if you want to know something, you must look inward. You cannot read a book and know about yourself. After you are dead, if you have lived an interesting life, somebody may read about you, but when you are alive, you should not read about yourself. That is not the way to know yourself. Infact, the more learned you become, the more you realize that you actually know nothing. Only a fool who read half a book thinks he knows everything.

Even if you read all the libraries of the world, you will still not know anything.

But if you turn inward for just one moment, everything that is worth knowing in the existence can be known.

There are very beautiful stories in our tradition, in terms of perception and experiencing life. You have heard of the Rig Veda? This is the most ancient book on the planet. It was not written down; it was transmitted verbally from generation to generation. The Rig veda describes certain constellations and arrangement of galaxies in great detail, with proper diagrams and mathematical calculations. These constellations are not visible to the naked eye. Today, scientists are able to view them with very powerful telescopes, but how did they see them thousands of years ago?

They saw, but not with their eyes, because everything that can be perceived in the existence can be grasped in a single moment if you just turn inward. The whole cosmos is here.

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